70-486 – Passed!!!

Just after 15 days of passing 70-480 exam, yesterday I passed 70-486 – Microsoft Specialist certification for Developing ASP.NET MVC Web Applications.

But this doesn’t mean that this exam is good enough for just 15 days preparation. My background experience that I gained while developing 2 MVC applications at my workplace has really helped me in understanding the core concepts. Coupled with practical experience, reading and understanding the official course reference has added the value.

I started my journey in IT world with Pascal programming. After that, I moved to C language and then C++. This was followed by many twists and turns. SmallTalk and then Delphi seemed magic. Pointers were always a headache. Windows API programming, 16 bit to 32 bit APIs, callback functions then came ASP and ASP.NET Web Forms. And now the new MVC architecture. I have really enjoyed watching how the technology has evolved.

Even after MVC (version 4.0 at this time), there are lots of things that would change and days and years to come. I am sitting here to enjoy revolution happening in front of me.

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